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*Statistical Findings: Teen Dating Awareness and Prevention Month, February 2017 

   Data statistics were received from surveys taken during the “Unheard Voices of our Youth” event. There were 21 teens and 18 adults. Since, this was a teen led event the teens came from a wide representation of 5 high schools: Imhotep Institute Charter High School, Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School, Robert E. Lamberton High School, John Bartram High School and High School of the Future.

  The attendees of the event were from different regions of the Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey. Majority of the teen participants were from North Philadelphia (10), North East Philadelphia (6), North West Philadelphia (3), and West Philadelphia (1).

  There were 12 males and 7 females between ages  10-14 years and 15-19 years . Racially and regionally, most of the participants were African-American (78.9%), Hispanic (15.8%) and other ethnicity (5.3%).

   A majority of the teens (89.5%) never participated in a TDV prevention program/educational services. (73.7%) were not aware of the TDV programs compared to (21.1%) teens aware of the services provided. (63.2%) showed interest in learning about TDV prevention programs.

   The teens responses were influenced by school life (47.4%), home life (31.6%), social media (31.6%) and gender role expectations (26.3%). The link between friends, families, social media, lack of programs and services shows an association between the youth and Teen Dating Violence.

    We believe that relatives and peers should provide a supportive environment in which teens feel comfortable disclosing their feelings towards dating abuse to prevent further violence.  In addition, more education, Physician/Clinical Therapeutic sessions and Violence Prevention Workshops are needed to continue lowering the rates of dating abuse because everyone deserves a safe and healthy relationship!

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