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Mission, Vision, & Principles

To be the premier advocacy, health education and training organization that serves the health interest of African-American and other women of color and their families, while promoting and supporting their interest, education and training in the health professions to further reduce health disparities. 


Value Based Principles

  • Principle I: Diverse and Inclusive

  • Principle II: Empowering and Self-Sustaining Approaches

  • Principle III: Ethically and Morally Guided

  • Principle IV: Excellence beyond Expectations

  • Principle V: Responsive to Present and Emerging Needs 

  • Principle IV: Relentless Resolve to Realize the Elimination and/or Reduction of Health Disparities among Women of Color and their Families


The mission of the Black Women's Health Alliance is to improve healthcare outcomes and eliminate and/or reduce health disparities experienced by women of African Ancestry, other women of color, and their families through advocacy, education, research and support activities, programs and services. 

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